Google is seeing more traffic than ever before, but you how can you be visible to that traffic? By developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy. This will help you to stay in front of your competitors in the search engine results.. Getting started is very simple by using your content and expanding upon it.

Techniques to get started

1. Create broad content

Begin with a master article with a broad keyword which smaller topics branch out from. This article must be long in length (10,000 – 40,000 words) and authoritative in tone. Your master article must be able to allow smaller articles to link back to it

a. For example, we use a topic of ‘Plant-Based Meals’ as our main keyword for the master article. From this, we can gain smaller articles such as:

i. Plant-based breakfasts

ii. Plant-based lunches

iii. Plant-based dinner

iv. Plant-based protein

2. Develop keywords

You can spend all day brainstorming keywords to incorporate into your articles. But, there is a simpler way:

a. Grab keywords from Google searches to incorporate into your article. Whatever you do, don’t copy and paste the list into your article. Google will pick up on this, in return ignoring your content, pushing it down in the search results. Incorporate these keywords into the article to create a piece of informative content.

b. Go to Google, begin typing in the broad content keyword, and then copy the list that drops down. Take these keywords to incorporate into the content.

c. With this search, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you find another list “Searches related too…”. This list will aid you in creating searchable content.







d. Take advantage of www.
With the broad keyword, enter it into the search bar here, populating a longer list. Choose keywords that have a long lifespan. This will extend the use of your content and the profitability of your website.

e. Pay attention to questions
More and more searches are being based on questions Google users ask. Write content in such a way it answers those questions. With our example, users would ask “Hey Google, how can I lose weight on a plant-based diet?” How can you develop questions that a user may ask? Go to:, type in your broad keyword, and you will receive another list to aid you. It is Google’s aim is to answer questions. Content that answers questions are where they will filter traffic to.

f. SEO Plugins
For WordPress users, plugins help the websites function without knowing how to code. They are programs and software that aid in the functionality of the website. Both on the front and backend, including SEO. For our websites, have found that SEO Pressor to be the best option. The best features include:

1. Giving structured data on keywords.
2. Instructing the user how to optimize the content to speak to search engines.

Let us know if you have any questions or your own SEO tips in the comments below.