About Casey

I’m Casey Stubbs.

Casey Stubbs is a United States Army Veteran and entrepreneur dedicated to helping people from all walks of life. In August, Casey Launched his first business and he has been going at it ever since.

Since that starting his first business, Casey Stubbs has gone on to launch several other successful brands such as:


Trading Strategy Guides: Creates Simple to Follow Trading Strategies for traders and also develops online indicators and trading systems. Since launching this business Trading Strategy Guides has helped thousands of Traders and generated $50,000 of monthly revenue in less than a year.



Learn To Trade For Profit:  Is a Trading Media Company that generates and sells traffic in the trading education industry.  Launched in mid 2015 and generates thousands of new leads and sells direct email sends for financial companies. This company grew from 0 to $50,000 a month in monthly revenues in the first four months at a growth rate of doubling each month for the first for months. 


Finance & Markets:Financeandmarkets.com Financial News and Media Site dedicated and delivering the best trading news and education for all of the financial markets. Launched in January of 2018 and the revenue has tripled each month for the first 4 months. Has been so popular in the finance industry that they were able to get 300,000 facebook likes in the first 6 months of being in business.



Price Action and Income: Sells Trading Education Products based on the Elliot wave trading method and sells high dollar courses and trading signals using sales funnel and webinars: Grew the email list from 0 to 49,521 leads on the list in less than one year of the brand launch and did just 


All of the trading brands Casey manages are dedicated towards helping investors at every level learn how to profitably manage their investments, as well as their personal finances, for themselves.

In addition to that Casey is coaching others grow financial or trading education businesses.

As an online marketing expert and frequent attendee at conferences such as Traffic and Conversion Summit and others all across the United States, Casey has built his reputation through dedication to helping others reach their full potential.

Casey has now launched his own radio presence, the Finance & Markets Cashflow Hacking Podcast, where he shares the  tips, tricks and strategies to improve your cashflow. In addtion to the encouraging stories of other people who have achieved financial freedom for themselves through hardwork and perseverance.


Some Examples Of The Media That I Have Appeared In


Winners Edge Trading was voted best day trading school on Investopedia. Investopedia was founded in 1999 by Cory Wagner and Cory Janssen. Its original concept was based on building the most comprehensive financial dictionary online. Over time, the focus of the site expanded to building educational content and tools to help empower the individual investor.

MoneyShow is a global, financial company and community, known as the world’s leading producer of investment and trading trade shows. In this interview Casey expounds on what investors need to know about trading Forex. Included are, getting-started tips for investors interested in Forex trading.

Benzinga is the leading full-service, one-stop shop for investors of all stripes and styles. In this interview with Benzinga, Casey shares on having the winning edge in trading.

As one of the leading information sites in the world, Forbes offers quality information for business leaders and investors. In this interview Casey Stubbs gives some getting-started tips for equity investors interested in forex trading.

Babypips is known around the globe for their first-class Forex training school. Baby Pips interviewed Casey concerning his Forex Trading and to learn more about Winner’s Edge Trading.

Business.com is the premier online destination for businesses of all sizes providing 50,000+ how-to guides for their readers. Business.com caught up with Casey Stubbs to find out about getting started in Forex Trading.

Seeking Alpha is “the premier website for actionable stock market opinion and analysis, and vibrant, intelligent finance discussion”. Here, Casey gives insight into trading the Forex Market and gives tips on how to get started.

Forex Factory is currently the #1 most viewed forex-related site on the web. Forex Factory is a giant when it comes to providing useful information for Forex traders. Casey was selected for the Factory News Network.

Forex Crunch is a respected authority in the Forex world. Their news and analysis is a wonderful resource to any trader. Winner’s Edge was recommend on their top 30 Forex sites, making the top 10. See the list here. Casey Stubbs was also ranked #5 in the 50 Top Forex Twitter Accounts.

Daily Forex is a leader in releasing top-of-the-line Forex reviews and news. Daily Forex published an interview with Casey where he shares some general thoughts about trading and Winner’s Edge.

Counting Pips is a premier source for Forex news. In this interview, Casey talks about his personal trading preferences and shares on what Winner’s Edge has to offer. Read the interview with Casey here.

Freshpips is a wonderful community where Forex news and general articles are shared.Here you can see the many articles from Winner’s Edge on Freshpips. Click here to take a look.


My Favorite Podcast Interviews

 I talk about  being action taker and perseverance and being an Adviser to entrepreneurs on how to build audience online.


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Trading with Venus Podcast: Forex Trading | Finance | Investing | Lifestyle: Interview With Casey Stubbs By Raman Gill



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Be Fulfilled Podcast With Tony Grebmeier | The Key To Happiness Is Serving Others!

Books That I Have Authored 



The Ultimate Harmonic Pattern Strategy Book: The Most Accurate Harmonic Patterns And How To Trade Them




The Top 6 Reasons You May Want To Book Me As Your Next Guest

  1. I’m a podcaster myself, and I promote my appearances heavily: With 300,000 Facebook followers, three financial websites, and an email subscriber list of 250K and growing, you are guaranteed to get great exposure across a highly engaged audience.
  2. My Audio And Video Are Studio Quality: Ever interview a guest where you had to spend more time in Audacity fixing their audio than the length of the podcast itself? So have I, and I promise my audio will sound terrific.
  3. I come prepared: Podcaster to podcaster, I know you’re busy. Need a biography you can just grab and read? No problem. Maybe you need photos? No problem, feel free to use any of this page. Maybe some questions that you can use? I have a full media kit just for you on this page.
  4. We may be able to trade interviews: My audience is primarily people looking to increase the cashflow and expand their knowledge. If you’ve got some business savy, great investing tips or financial suggestions, I would be thrilled to have you on my show. It’s a fun, informal, and guaranteed to help get you brand out into the public eye.
  5. I’m a huge believer in sharing my value with your audience: Even though I’ve been honored to appear as a guest on several podcasts, I work very hard to deliver unique, valuable content week in and week out. I’m happy to share compelling stories and experiences, and I truly thrive when sharing step-by-step actionable advice with your listeners.
  6. I can help sponsor your show. If you are able to offer an affiliate link in your show notes, I am happy to do the same for you. If you are willing to promote my podcast on your social media and email subscriber list, then I am more than glad to do the same. Mutually, we can expand us business together.

Questions You Can Ask Me On Your Podcast

  1. Where do you see the future of cryptocurrency heading, and what are some ways that I can begin investing in crypto outside of mining?
  2. Where can I find great resources for learning more about technical trading?
  3. What frustrates you about social security and how do you save for retirement?
  4. What does it take to build a world-class marketing strategy?
  5. How can everyday people increase their cashflow?
  6. How did your previous business, Winners Edge Trading, generate more than 6 million in revenue before being acquired?
  7. What is the secret to building real world connections with an online business?
  8. How do you build an effective team, and inspire them to push beyond their limits?
  9. How did the Army change your life for the better, and did it make you a more effective entrepreneur?
  10. What is the most effective way to grow your cashflow without having to quit your day job?

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